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30 things I learned from Dr. RW (and a stray sage or two)

(MM and Amos) My dad was visiting us at the dome, our home in Taos in 1980, just before relocating to Alamogordo, NM. His station wagon, my blue Dodge pick-up. What I remember from Dr. Robert Waterman, Ed. D., LCC, … Continue reading

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Greggory Meets Bob 1969

for my friend Gregg (in plaid) a draft by Merimee from notes by Gregg Read it with a Dylan/Cash-kind of rhythm   (gui’ tar) stress on first syllable ps Gregg, I know nothing of song writing. This is a poem; then again, Dylan … Continue reading

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Hippie Easter Egg Matanza

Chris, Pilar, Michelle, and Amos 1974–ish (the 60s are ending) This came to me, a gesture from someone at the event, a rare photo of my son age two and a half. He was so stylin in his little Peruvian … Continue reading

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This boy, 1967.

This boy, this man, was in France and Germany doing everything he could to stay alive serving his country and very luckily, did not get sent to Nam. He asked; he received. Is that why I finally married him? All … Continue reading

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PH Phactor Jug Band 1966

The friendly and curious, Patrick Murphy, curator of the Summer of Love exhibit currently at the MMFA in Boston seemed surprised when I told him Steve and I had had a wall full of Avalon and Fillmore posters–all Steve’s doing … Continue reading

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THE Photo in Sunday Boston Globe Sunday Arts July 9, 2017 the Ensuing Letter in the “Ideas” Section July 16, 2017

This photo stirred up a fun ruckus between me and the MMFA in the last couple of weeks.  The Globe writer, Mark Feeney, reported a metaphoric judgement about us being  hippie drug dealers.  Now when in god’s creation would a … Continue reading

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Steve Mork, vocals, jug, bass, in the PH PHactor Jug Band. Photo taken by Herb Greene at the wall in Herb’s studio. This photo is part of the band’s archive.

Girl magnet, musician, farm boy, literature major, veteran of the US Army, vagabond, taxi driver, gregarious, well-loved, divorced, re-married twice, at least three kids and many g-kids. My friend, lover, playmate, housemate, funny, easy-going, hard-working. I was lucky to have … Continue reading

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