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Greggory Meets Bob 1969

for my friend Gregg (in plaid) a draft by Merimee from notes by Gregg Read it with a Dylan/Cash-kind of rhythm   (gui’ tar) stress on first syllable ps Gregg, I know nothing of song writing. This is a poem; then again, Dylan … Continue reading

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Zero Degrees of Certainty

I try to put a lid on happiness. Someone said Don’t bank on this period of sobriety. Yesterday, you put a good tire on your daughter’s car for her to get to work three hours away. You notice three missing … Continue reading

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No Job, No Pay, No Way

No job, no pay, no way In spite of he can’t read in spite of Roe v Wade in spite and spit on his feet, in spite of feel retreat or kill in spite of Gloria’s smile gone south in … Continue reading

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I Saw a Tiny Woman

I saw a tiny woman on page one of the Times. A turquoise scarf holds her flowing hair off the sticky resin she gathers. Where are her sons? For the magenta-poppies sunset in Mayanmar, a sole reporter treks to see … Continue reading

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Expecting Him Home That Day in Some Kind of Recovery

I resorted to hippie-ism and all that morning I baked bread. The dough puffed up like a big pliant sponge, alive and rising in the warm kitchen sun.   I let my hands guide me through shaping loaves then rolling … Continue reading

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Oregon Beach Town 2016

At 13, I smoked in the California sweet shoppe bathroom with the older girls. My sister’s friends called me Volup Bear, and mother loaned them her car. Pebbles spun as two boys raced down the dark hill, wet night glittering … Continue reading

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